Dear Family, Friends and Visitors,

Here I am taking a shot at blogging again. This time I want to keep it simple with no particular aim. Rather, this will serve as a repository for thoughts of mine as well as my takes on subjects that stir my juices. Those things that incite me to ran, go mad and want to you act a fool.

For the most part I will not spend time trying be too ecstatically neat in language, grammar and decorum for that matter. For those purist who may be looking for neat, clean and mean blog with a journalistic flair will be greatly disappointed.

But if you want to hear someone who has strongly form opinions, who is unapologetically bias and definitely not afraid to speak his truth, than you may find something here for you. All I ask is that you do the same in commenting. Let me know how wrong I am. How bad my writing skill is. How far fetch my opinions are.

In any case if you ever drop by, feel free to leave your mark and let a me know what you think or just say hello.

Until this party gets started…

Just remember…

Post Tenebras Lux!