Melvin Van Peeples, originally uploaded by P.Yoruba.

This just ooze Koolness… He was at the Harlem Book Fair 2009 in NYC with his pal Amiri Baraka…

Other then these to Kool Kats, the Harlem Book Fair was a bust. 99.9% of o call authors and there books were just pitiful so called Street Literature.

Thank to C-Span for broadcasting the various panels that was going on inside the Schomburg Library where one can at least learn a thing or too…

Enough with the what I categorize as Stripper Lit, Hustler Lit, Pimp & Ho Lit and Get Money or Die Trying Lit. Get a damn blog and call it a day. How many good trees have been wasted to print these sorry books. I bet you reading these books is like inflicting damage to one’s brain cells.

Just Stop it!