After Dakness… Light!

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Hello Folks and Kinfolks,

Above is the link to my new blog on WordPress. I have blog before and eventually
that went to the way sides. So here I am again in cyberworld trying to stay connected to those that are dear to me, those that I do not get to talk to often (I hate the phone thing) and that email and IM do not quite work for most too.

This blog is my way to be available in cyberworld, open and present for many to get to know me better. Understand the craziness and messy being that is me. Philippe.

I title my blog “Post Tenebras Lux” a Latin term for “After Darkness Light” that happens to be also the URL for my blog Living in this present world which is going through a very difficult time, where man seems to be at its utmost worse. nWhere too many of us are slowly losing our humanity to this numbness that seems invade all aspects of our live. Where we are all plugged up to the Grid: High Cost of leaving, making ends meet. Too busy juicing up the Matrix Master to notice Dafur, War in Iraq, the effect and the affected of Katrina, Global Warming, etc…

We man are becoming malicious worm causing the very planet that sustains our lives and its immune system is starting to fight back against us.

We are easily swayed and made to be scared of our own shadow. We are willingly giving up the power granted us by our creator to a global gang of well organized few who are held bent on destroying our lives, our humanity, our world for their own convenience, their own comfort, to satisfy their own greed and thirsts for power and total dominion over billions of us who are more and more shriveling in fear and let
these few predators snuff the breath and spirit in us.

Man did not grant me this gift that is life and I will be damned if I let any man take the life out of me silently. The cost may high and the punishment severe, but silent i will not.

I will speak my mind even if there is no one to hear me.

Until Then… Post Tenebras Lux



Dear Family, Friends and Visitors,

Here I am taking a shot at blogging again. This time I want to keep it simple with no particular aim. Rather, this will serve as a repository for thoughts of mine as well as my takes on subjects that stir my juices. Those things that incite me to ran, go mad and want to you act a fool.

For the most part I will not spend time trying be too ecstatically neat in language, grammar and decorum for that matter. For those purist who may be looking for neat, clean and mean blog with a journalistic flair will be greatly disappointed.

But if you want to hear someone who has strongly form opinions, who is unapologetically bias and definitely not afraid to speak his truth, than you may find something here for you. All I ask is that you do the same in commenting. Let me know how wrong I am. How bad my writing skill is. How far fetch my opinions are.

In any case if you ever drop by, feel free to leave your mark and let a me know what you think or just say hello.

Until this party gets started…

Just remember…

Post Tenebras Lux!