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A powerful Art installation currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum in New York until July 15 , 2012. The most thought provoking conversation between inter, intra generational black men. At the very core of this conversation is this question: What it is to be Black Males in America or this world for that matter.

Black Men seeking, asking and answering this question for themselves. A drastic constrast from everyone else trying to analyse, define, categorize and caste Black Men to what they want them to be or who they think Black Men are.


Leadership & Sustainability Institute for Black Male Achievement

Below, please find an excerpt from the collaborative art project Question Bridge: Black Males entitled “Why didn’t you leave us the Blueprint?” Click here to read an LSI blog post about Question Bridge: Black Males by Question Bridge contributor Bayeté Ross Smith. Click here to visit the Question Bridge website.

Why didn’t you leave us the Blueprint? – Answered by David Lemieux from Question Bridge on Vimeo.

Question Bridge: Black Males had its national launch in January 2012. It appeared at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and has had museum exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, Oakland Museum of California, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, and the City Gallery at Chastain in Atlanta. The exhibition will continue to travel in 2013 and 2014.

Question Bridge was created by Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith, and Kamal Sinclair. The Executive Producers are Delroy Lindo, Jesse Williams, and Deborah…

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Obama is Warming Up to my Heart… Again! 

I have this love and hate thing going with the presidency of Barak H Obama. He frustrates the hell out me the way he plays politics. Intellectually his play at politics makes sense – at times slow, meek and indecisive but yields result. Not the kind I would want or agree for the most part but result just the same. 

He is like New York to me. I have that love / hate thing going with New York. I LOVE this City yet at times it gets under my skin and I often finding myself of Kayak seeking for cheap fare and dusting off my passport to get away. That is always the scenario that plays out only to fall in love again with New York even before my plane full taxing onto the tarmac. Both New York and President Obama hold a special place in heart and the equally get under my skin just the same.   

Today President Obama is all over my heart. Here is mainly why – President Obama just announced the New Recovery Act Smart New Smart Grid Fund with $3.4 billion investment.   

His smart just never fails to amaze me. I remember the Two Day long Black Out of August 2003 that crippled the entire northeast region the province of Ontario in Canada due to an antiquated power grid serving about 45 millions people in the United States along. 

In Florida, where the president made the announcement at a joint venture of private and public investment in a new smart power grid that will harness all renewable energy – solar and wind to generate electricity. A model I hope for the entire country.

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

The following posts should have been posted long ago while in West Africa for the holidays. But due to limited access to the net and that kick ass French formatted keyboard in the local Internet Cafe, I chose to bypass that aspect of my vacation and decided to enjoy the people, sights and sounds of Abidjan.

But first, my gripe with Delta Airlines. Talk about quarantine a group of people traveling to Africa. I thought American Airlines was bad in hauling folks to Haiti like cattle. Delta Airlines has proven to have that practice down to a science and execute it with such rigor. More to come on that subject later.

I flew out of the USA on Christmas Day to Abidjan with a 5 hours lay over in Accra. Although, I have established a contact in Accra, I did not want to impose having not fully knowing each other well enough, I trooped out my lay over at Kotoka International. There I chowed down some Brit like Breakfast, napped a bit on a arrival hall’s bench and sent a couple of emails to the states letting some folks know that I have landed in the Mother Land.

AKWAABA, in the Akan language, means Welcome.

Once landed I did not know what type of emotion would well up upon finding myself on the soil of Africa, West Africa as that where, we, from the New World, are believed to have our lineage. I did not think much about it or anticipate any reaction planed or unplanned. I have not ritual plan a la kiss the soil or say a prayer or utter some eloquent sound bite. Nothing. My agenda was simply to make my way to Africa in 2007.

Instead, I find myself noticing immediately the similarities in the typography of land and people of Accra to that that I have known growing up in Haiti. First thing that gets my attention and actually made feel a bit comforted was the outburst of laughter and hand clapping as the rear landing gears touched ground… similar outburst are common on any given American Airlines’ flight landing to Mais Gate.

One man shout ” I’m Home. I’m Home.” Another something along the line of ” I’m away from the stress and already I am at last relax…” The whole section of the cabin burst out laughing, in agreement, as if he had expressed what most have felt at that moment upon landing in Africa.

Until Next Time… peace to us all!


Hello Folks and Kinfolks,

Above is the link to my new blog on WordPress. I have blog before and eventually
that went to the way sides. So here I am again in cyberworld trying to stay connected to those that are dear to me, those that I do not get to talk to often (I hate the phone thing) and that email and IM do not quite work for most too.

This blog is my way to be available in cyberworld, open and present for many to get to know me better. Understand the craziness and messy being that is me. Philippe.

I title my blog “Post Tenebras Lux” a Latin term for “After Darkness Light” that happens to be also the URL for my blog Living in this present world which is going through a very difficult time, where man seems to be at its utmost worse. nWhere too many of us are slowly losing our humanity to this numbness that seems invade all aspects of our live. Where we are all plugged up to the Grid: High Cost of leaving, making ends meet. Too busy juicing up the Matrix Master to notice Dafur, War in Iraq, the effect and the affected of Katrina, Global Warming, etc…

We man are becoming malicious worm causing the very planet that sustains our lives and its immune system is starting to fight back against us.

We are easily swayed and made to be scared of our own shadow. We are willingly giving up the power granted us by our creator to a global gang of well organized few who are held bent on destroying our lives, our humanity, our world for their own convenience, their own comfort, to satisfy their own greed and thirsts for power and total dominion over billions of us who are more and more shriveling in fear and let
these few predators snuff the breath and spirit in us.

Man did not grant me this gift that is life and I will be damned if I let any man take the life out of me silently. The cost may high and the punishment severe, but silent i will not.

I will speak my mind even if there is no one to hear me.

Until Then… Post Tenebras Lux


Dear Family, Friends and Visitors,

Here I am taking a shot at blogging again. This time I want to keep it simple with no particular aim. Rather, this will serve as a repository for thoughts of mine as well as my takes on subjects that stir my juices. Those things that incite me to ran, go mad and want to you act a fool.

For the most part I will not spend time trying be too ecstatically neat in language, grammar and decorum for that matter. For those purist who may be looking for neat, clean and mean blog with a journalistic flair will be greatly disappointed.

But if you want to hear someone who has strongly form opinions, who is unapologetically bias and definitely not afraid to speak his truth, than you may find something here for you. All I ask is that you do the same in commenting. Let me know how wrong I am. How bad my writing skill is. How far fetch my opinions are.

In any case if you ever drop by, feel free to leave your mark and let a me know what you think or just say hello.

Until this party gets started…

Just remember…

Post Tenebras Lux!