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Well said Mr. Blow. I do not understand for the life of me all this needs for bipartisanship when the majority of Americans are for comprehensive health care reform. Instead you have Harry Reid handing over to Max Baucus the task of drafting a health care bill. Max Baucus and his gang of six are members of the Senate Finance Committee. Why are bean counters the ones writing a HEALTH CARE bill?

Perhaps I am slow in comprehension, but should the Senate Health Committee be the one in charge of this bill. Do they have Health Committee in the Senate or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

I understands it takes more than the President to enact laws. That is the constitutional power of the Congress. I do agree with you Mr. Blow that President Obama needs to channel his message of the Urgency of Now and backs it up with major COJONES.

But at issue, I believe, is the mis-signals coming from the White House. One from Rham’s office, he who could careless about what the American people wants and the other from the oval office that is meek and definitely play second fiddle to Rham Emmanuel’s in the Hall of Congress. Especially with the so called Blue Democrats, Moderate Republicans who too could give a damn what their constituency wants and needs and play to the beat of their powerful and rich lobbyists on K Street

That is why you have Queen Olympia Snowe and King Baucus being worship as the Monach Gods that they have become. I am sick of this and impatient does not even to begin to express my frustration. That is it ! Now I want UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE for ALL!


Mr. Charles Blow wrote a poignant Op-Ed for the New York Times.  I understand and respect his niceness and professionalism as a respect and thoughtful Op Ed Columnist. However I think he missed one particular Culprit flying under the radar that I think should be exposed and taken to task. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada!

Below is my reaction to Mr. Blow’s peice.

The real culprit here is Harry Reid! the Democratic Senate Majority leader from Nevada. No matter what permeates in the passing or failure of the Health Care Reform. Spineless Harry Reid needs to go.

He is the one who anointed  Rep. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa as Deal Maker / Breaker on this issue. The Democrats has a majority in the Senate and Harry Reid appointed a panel of 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats to take the leadership in driving a Health Care bill in the Senate. That just makes no sense!

I bet you no Republican would dare do such a thing.

At times I truly wonder if the words of Rush Limbaugh are manifesting in the action of certain Democrats in both Houses of Congress.

They want Obama to fail!


I have my two cents about this man and the reactions his dog fighting business generates among various groups…. I will bite my tongue… since I have issues with all sides… For Negro Vick to be damn delusional when it comes to shit that really has great impact on his character, personal freedom and dignity… but knows when to call lawyers, publicist and image makers…

Michael VIck on 60 Minutes…

The disconnect just makes me sick about these Negroes who tried to convinced themselves that big paycheck give them a license to fuck up their lives. Like million dollars contract exempt them from the obvious and blatant  trappings that never fails to get them. If these Negroes still have not learned from the OJ debacle nothing will…

It truly want to find out what exactly it is that seems to cloud these Negroes judgement. And worse the professionals they hired to handle their persona, business are not better… In my eyes they are nothing but the tools and apparatus of trapping… I have theory upon which the trapping operates. Give a Negro the rope eventually he will find a way to learn how to tie a noose, swing it over a over a tree and eventually commit character suicide.

I have no sympathy for such Negroes…  so Michael Vick I hope this new rope you got from the Eagles you  use it well.  I would suggest that tied around you waist, given the end part of it to someone whom you trust and most importantly loves you to yank you back into line until you learn to love, respect and honor thyself for the man that you are. The BLACK MAN THAT YOU ARE..

Stop being yet another selfdestructed  tragic NEGRO!


It has just dawned on me that President Obama, who is visibly Black as the First USA President, does not carry a name like Jefferson, Jackson, Johnson, Washington etc. To simply put a White Slave Master’s Name.

It was weird how out of nowhere this string of thought pop up in my head. I found it a bit fascinating and tried to wrap my brain around this light bulb that just turned on. So I decided to process in hope of finding a meaning in this idea.

All can think of is that how our names were beating out us a la Kunta Kinte during slavery. How we were branded, killed and terrorized badly enough so we forget our Names. The trauma suffered, hunt us still to this very day. And God knows how much many of us have struggled to overcome this stigma. The sense of being nameless and lost hence belong to no one and nothing.

Many who were intuitive enough to sense what was waiting on the other side of the Atlantic chose their fate and willingly jumped, others starved themselves to death taken with them their Name. Intact.  

I may be over dramatic about this and making a big deal out of nothing but I could not help but find the irony and yet another profound meaning in the presidency of Barak Hussein Obama. The leader of the free world and yes he is Black.

This is an event that most had thought they would never live to witness and yet it is here and not only there is Black President in the White House, his name is OBAMA, an AFRICAN NAME. How Wonderful is that?



I Voted for Him . Just Because. He Is Black!

I have voted before. For others, No one cares. Because I was voting for

Coons, Two-timing Liberals, Political Whores,Great White Hopes

Than no one analyzed how voted, my vote was just another vote

and no one took offense I voted the status quo

I voted as a civic duty to honor those who got

Hosed down

Beat down

Bitten by dogs


And made into strange fruit. Hung on American trees

Yes, I voted for them. Black

I and along with others who look like Him

Are being accused of



Ethnic bias


For we dare to vote

For A Man  Black

Yes we are indeed voting Black

If these accusations them feel better of their demons,

By all means go ahead

And project. And demean. And belittle

My vote. My Black Vote.

Yes I Voted Black

I voted Black just because

He is Black

Black like Me

Black like Brothers in Prison

Black like Amadou

Black like Nat Turner

Black Like Toussaint

Black Like Senghor

Black Like Lumumba

Black like The Black Child birthed as I cast my vote

In the South Bronx

In Cite Soleil

In Soweto

In Libertade Favela

In  Monrovia

In Dafur

Yes I voted Black







Abidjan was quite an experience for me. So much of it reminds on the Port au Prince of days yore and present day too. The people of Abidjan are youthful, stylish, energized, and oh so beautiful with a certain joie de vivre that is quite refreshing, hopeful and resilient.

I have since learned that almost 40% of the population of Cote d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast is under 30 years of age. Abidjan is where to statistic becomes evident. As is any other city, its young folks make the city. And young they are.

Abidjan, the city, is quite modern and cosmopolitan with its highway system, a vibrant Business District and High Rises. There is no doubt that Abidjan is a major commerce hub in West Africa. I read somewhere that Abidjan is also known in certain circles as the Manhattan of the tropic.

The city is also diverse with nationals from neighboring countries such as Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Togo and Benin. Others come from as far north as Senegal as far South as the Congos. There seems to be a substantial population of Arab mainly Lebanese that controlled the commerce community in Abidjan. Most supermarkets, hardware stores etc are owned and operated by the Lebanese.

I found that people of the region to be quite jovial, pleasant and communal. Rarely would you see someone alone. They tend to congregate with members of their own sex. The women, beautiful, whether they are in westernized clothes or wearing the colorful African garment wrapped on their bodies. They are equally comfortable in both. In the Market, the women will pile up on each other, grooming each other or just gossiping and laughing and constantly greeting passer-bys and looking out for one another.

The men would laugh, greeting each other with a handshake that ends in a finger snap as they quickly and forcefully pull their hands apart. They would have loud and spirited conversation about football (soccer) or just making joke about each other. They break bread communally and drink just the same. And yes men there too they grab and pull on their crouch constantly. They would line up and piss wherever they may be, on the side of the road, on a bush, next to a tree, just releasing themselves as if they are in the sanctuary of their own bathroom. A scenario I have often seen up in Harlem with the Dominican men on the Broadway Mall, an African trait that they can seem to shake no matter how hard they try.


One thing that at first frazzled me, then became evident that was the norm, was the fact that police men and national guards have not qualm stopping cars at check points and expecting to get paid on the low. Since I carry a US passport, I became a liability to my friends. You can see that once I produce my passport that the ante has upped some. Joel my host would order me not to speak and if spoken to you pretend as if I do not understand French and let them do the talking. At one point, one caught on and actually noticed my name and addressed by name Philippe and said “ l’American Beinvenue! Tu vas faire la fete … et Moi ou est Ma fete…” I could not help but laugh and he grinned with his set of pearly whites. The taxi driver took care of him and off we went to a night out at the Marquis.

Until Next Time…


Hello Folks and Kinfolks,

Above is the link to my new blog on WordPress. I have blog before and eventually
that went to the way sides. So here I am again in cyberworld trying to stay connected to those that are dear to me, those that I do not get to talk to often (I hate the phone thing) and that email and IM do not quite work for most too.

This blog is my way to be available in cyberworld, open and present for many to get to know me better. Understand the craziness and messy being that is me. Philippe.

I title my blog “Post Tenebras Lux” a Latin term for “After Darkness Light” that happens to be also the URL for my blog Living in this present world which is going through a very difficult time, where man seems to be at its utmost worse. nWhere too many of us are slowly losing our humanity to this numbness that seems invade all aspects of our live. Where we are all plugged up to the Grid: High Cost of leaving, making ends meet. Too busy juicing up the Matrix Master to notice Dafur, War in Iraq, the effect and the affected of Katrina, Global Warming, etc…

We man are becoming malicious worm causing the very planet that sustains our lives and its immune system is starting to fight back against us.

We are easily swayed and made to be scared of our own shadow. We are willingly giving up the power granted us by our creator to a global gang of well organized few who are held bent on destroying our lives, our humanity, our world for their own convenience, their own comfort, to satisfy their own greed and thirsts for power and total dominion over billions of us who are more and more shriveling in fear and let
these few predators snuff the breath and spirit in us.

Man did not grant me this gift that is life and I will be damned if I let any man take the life out of me silently. The cost may high and the punishment severe, but silent i will not.

I will speak my mind even if there is no one to hear me.

Until Then… Post Tenebras Lux