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Mr. Charles Blow wrote a poignant Op-Ed for the New York Times.  I understand and respect his niceness and professionalism as a respect and thoughtful Op Ed Columnist. However I think he missed one particular Culprit flying under the radar that I think should be exposed and taken to task. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada!

Below is my reaction to Mr. Blow’s peice.

The real culprit here is Harry Reid! the Democratic Senate Majority leader from Nevada. No matter what permeates in the passing or failure of the Health Care Reform. Spineless Harry Reid needs to go.

He is the one who anointed  Rep. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa as Deal Maker / Breaker on this issue. The Democrats has a majority in the Senate and Harry Reid appointed a panel of 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats to take the leadership in driving a Health Care bill in the Senate. That just makes no sense!

I bet you no Republican would dare do such a thing.

At times I truly wonder if the words of Rush Limbaugh are manifesting in the action of certain Democrats in both Houses of Congress.

They want Obama to fail!


Melvin Van Peeples, originally uploaded by P.Yoruba.

This just ooze Koolness… He was at the Harlem Book Fair 2009 in NYC with his pal Amiri Baraka…

Other then these to Kool Kats, the Harlem Book Fair was a bust. 99.9% of o call authors and there books were just pitiful so called Street Literature.

Thank to C-Span for broadcasting the various panels that was going on inside the Schomburg Library where one can at least learn a thing or too…

Enough with the what I categorize as Stripper Lit, Hustler Lit, Pimp & Ho Lit and Get Money or Die Trying Lit. Get a damn blog and call it a day. How many good trees have been wasted to print these sorry books. I bet you reading these books is like inflicting damage to one’s brain cells.

Just Stop it!

A while ago I was trying to explain the differences between being RICH and Having Power. Oprah is indeed Super RICH but how Powerful is she really.

This election may give clarity to what i was trying to argue during many discussions I have had over the years… The latest critiques/ slack the Lady O is taking is for her decision to have Gov Sarah Palin on her show until after the November election.

I notice that how absent Oprah’s been at least in the political sphere, since she endorsed Obama for president. Suddenly, she says little and stays clear of the election subject altogether. I suspected that something was up and that she had heard a great deal from her prime constituency: White Middle Class Women and those who inspired to be like or at the very least enjoy the life style that these women enjoy.

The saddest thing I saw during the DNC convention in Denver was Oprah having an emotional moment during Obama’s acceptance speech to the presidency. The date and time was loaded with subtexts, one being the 45th Anniversary of the famous MLK Jr.’s I have a dream speech on the Mall in Washington. Oprah was in tears way up high in the stadium with friends consoling her.

I wonder how many of her White Women fans would want to know that Oprah.

Now, it seems there is this sick joke that being played on Women. White Women in particular with this Palin character as the VP on the RNC presidential ticket. The subplot is that Karl Rove (Satan’s Cursed Child), is at it again. He is the mastermind behind this picking Palin to be McCain running mate. The RNC is gambling on Women supporters of Hillary, the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) and the so called Reagan Democrats crowds to vote Republican come November. I must say that I am afraid that he is so far to be succeeding. The choosing of Palin is to galvanize many among them the Oprah followers of Oprah. How long before these women demand of Oprah to bring Palin on as a guest of her show. The media is playing along in pushing and remaking Sarah Palin palatable for most Americans who are still for one reason or another can bring themselves to vote for Obama.

This is a perfect example between being RICH and being POWERFUL: Oprah is RICH but Karl Rove is POWERFUL!

It may be naive and simple of me but RACE is the issue why these folks would rather use the flimsiest of excuse to justify their true reason for not Voting Democratic this coming election.

Yes I am talking about far too many Whites and their affiliates who rather slash their own wrists than ever voted a black man for president.

Now I wonder how long will it take before the ratings for The Oprah Show to start to dwindle. Her standing as media maven diminished, her magazine folded and eventually reduce to mere footnote in American media history.

I hope Oprah is as smart as she has proven to be and has started making plans for what could be the beginning of her erasure in the american cultural landscape.



One of the last Founding Members of “La Negritude Movement” died today April 17, 2008.

May his soul travels back to Ginen to rest forever amongst his African Ancestors.

Aimee Cesaire

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