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Obama is Warming Up to my Heart… Again! 

I have this love and hate thing going with the presidency of Barak H Obama. He frustrates the hell out me the way he plays politics. Intellectually his play at politics makes sense – at times slow, meek and indecisive but yields result. Not the kind I would want or agree for the most part but result just the same. 

He is like New York to me. I have that love / hate thing going with New York. I LOVE this City yet at times it gets under my skin and I often finding myself of Kayak seeking for cheap fare and dusting off my passport to get away. That is always the scenario that plays out only to fall in love again with New York even before my plane full taxing onto the tarmac. Both New York and President Obama hold a special place in heart and the equally get under my skin just the same.   

Today President Obama is all over my heart. Here is mainly why – President Obama just announced the New Recovery Act Smart New Smart Grid Fund with $3.4 billion investment.   

His smart just never fails to amaze me. I remember the Two Day long Black Out of August 2003 that crippled the entire northeast region the province of Ontario in Canada due to an antiquated power grid serving about 45 millions people in the United States along. 

In Florida, where the president made the announcement at a joint venture of private and public investment in a new smart power grid that will harness all renewable energy – solar and wind to generate electricity. A model I hope for the entire country.