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I Voted for Him . Just Because. He Is Black!

I have voted before. For others, No one cares. Because I was voting for

Coons, Two-timing Liberals, Political Whores,Great White Hopes

Than no one analyzed how voted, my vote was just another vote

and no one took offense I voted the status quo

I voted as a civic duty to honor those who got

Hosed down

Beat down

Bitten by dogs


And made into strange fruit. Hung on American trees

Yes, I voted for them. Black

I and along with others who look like Him

Are being accused of



Ethnic bias


For we dare to vote

For A Man  Black

Yes we are indeed voting Black

If these accusations them feel better of their demons,

By all means go ahead

And project. And demean. And belittle

My vote. My Black Vote.

Yes I Voted Black

I voted Black just because

He is Black

Black like Me

Black like Brothers in Prison

Black like Amadou

Black like Nat Turner

Black Like Toussaint

Black Like Senghor

Black Like Lumumba

Black like The Black Child birthed as I cast my vote

In the South Bronx

In Cite Soleil

In Soweto

In Libertade Favela

In  Monrovia

In Dafur

Yes I voted Black